About Us

Who Are We?

We are a small family owned business from the city of Detroit dedicated to the resurrection of the Motor City. Noticing three out of the four major Detroit teams are blue. We came up with a concept to incorporate both our home colors as well as the Detroit blue collar mentality. We are "thee blue collar city". Growing up in a military family and as a proud father of three US Army daughters, we are dedicated to support our homeless vets through our profits.   

Are you a Detroit sport fan?

As Detroiters we have a special love for our city.  You may have also experienced the passion that Detroit sports fans have for their home teams. In fact we were once again voted the best sports city in the nation! No, not New York, Houston or Chicago but Detroit all of which are smaller than these cities by population. Our population may have decreased over the years but we still hold the pride of saying that we are from Detroit no matter where we end up living. I have watched many sporting events and noticed that there is always a large representation for Detroit in the crowd. No matter if you reside in Detroit or away, a real Detroiter will always be a Detroit! To show our pride of our city we have developed a way that will incorporate sports fans love of the Tigers, Lions, Pistons and even University of Michigan and also help MICHIGAN’s homeless vets.


Support Detroit

By purchasing our "made in Michigan" collars, you will not only be showing your love and support of the team of your choice. You will also be showing Detroit pride as well as helping homeless veterans.